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30 years experience producing mannequins

We collaborated with most important companies retails of Europe and Latin America

European quality at best price

We realize all our models in Europe and we are the owner of our producing company

Personalization of your orders

A wide range of choices to personalize head type, finishing, painting and basement

Mission: Customer Satisfaction

Help our customers on the way of success


A little story of success


Once upon a time a little factory, about 30 years ago, in a little city near Bologna, Italy.

We started our first collaboration producing mannequins in Italy for BONAVERI, one of the most important mannequin companies in the world.

After 5 years we began produce mannequins on East Europe (Romania).

In this period we opened new relationships with other two important companies: MD STUDIO Milano and CAD MODELLING Firenze.

On 1995 we started produce and sell our lines of mannequins.

Five years later we implemented our structure with a new producing company located in Slovak Republic.

At same time we started follow asiatic production.

On 2004, after a long search we found an intresing and reliable chinese structure on the city of Jiangsu and we decided to become their partner.

The most important part of this collaboration was to teach them to produce mannequins with European quality and high finishing.

We followed the way to produce our samples of mannequins in Italy with our experienced artisans and supervise physically on China the productions.

This gave us the key to the success and we started to collaborate with very imporant international customers like Champion in Europe or DonRegalon in Latin America.

Two years ago we founded a new company on Peru to manage new requests from South American countries.

Today, after 30 years experience in this sector and a lot of innovative and personalized crations for various customers we are one of the leading company on producing mannequins for big stores and retails companies.


Cantori Enrico


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