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We collaborated with most important companies retails of Europe and Latin America

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We realize all our models in Europe and we are the owner of our producing company

Personalization of your orders

A wide range of choices to personalize head type, finishing, painting and basement

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"NEW FAIR"   2014

  New Fair Alice 10



  New Fair Alice 11



New Fair Alice 12



New Fair Alice 14


New Fair Alice 16



New Fair Alice 18



  New Fair Maximo 12



  New Fair Maximo 14



  New Fair Maximo 16



  New Fair Maximo 20



  New Fair Maximo 15



  New Fair Chicco 00


  New Fair Chicco 11


  New Fair Chicco 22


  New Fair Chicco 33


  New Fair Chicco 44


  New Fair Chicco 55



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x755_0 (2).jpg

x755_0 (3).jpg

x755_0 (4).jpg

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MANNEQUINS WHOLESALE & MANNEQUINS FOR OUTLET ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------